Below are the Blockchain Wallets that you can store your Wixlar coins. If you want to move your Wixlar Coins from our Online Wallet (www.WixlarCoin.com) to your Personal Blockchain Wallet, then please send us an email with your Blockchain wallet address.

We would like to point out that when your Wixlar Coins are sent to your Blockchain Wallet, we will not be able to help you in case you lose your passwords (keys) to log in your Blockchain Wallet.

Alternatively you can leave your Wixlar Coins in your existing Online Wallet (www.WixlarCoin.com) if you don't wish to withdraw them yet or trade them.

Send and Receive Wixlar using the available Blockchain Wallets below:


Online Wallet

Buy Wixlar Coins today and store them on your available online Wixlar Wallet!