Wixlar Lottery

A new concept for a better life! Imagine using your Wixlar Coins to get a lottery ticket on your dream Car, Yacht or Villa and winners are picked up through a fuzzy logic faith system that guarantees highest quality processing and fastest lottery entry through Wixlar Coins.
How much is the Lottery Ticket?

1 Lottery Ticket = 10€ worth of Wixlar Coins according to the exchange rate at the time of purchase.

The more Lottery Tickets you have, the more chances to be the winner!

What is available in the Lottery?

Starting from Wixlar Mobile Phones to Wixlar Tablets and Wixlar Smart Watches, that will be available for the Lottery from the launch of Wixlar Coins.

Wixlar Lottery Procedures

Our users are able to add any property or product for sale on the Wixlar Lottery Website, and after our Wixlar Team revises and approves, they will be listed on the Lottery.
# Anyone can buy any amount of Lottery Tickets on any property or product in order to get higher change to win this Lottery.
# After The Number of Lottery Tickets on a Property or a Product is achieved, The Wixlar Fuzzy Logic Faith System chooses the Lucky Lottery Ticket Number and publicly announces it on the website.
# The winners can stay anonymous or if they wish they will be publicly announced on the website.
Wixlar Commercial Department follows up the whole process until the winner get his property or product delivered through the traditional legal ways in order to provide the guaranteed, secured and trusted delivering procedures through buying the property or product from the applied seller and gifting it to the Lottery Winner.

Who can participate in the Lottery?

Anyone can participate in the Wixlar Lottery System. Buy Now the Lottery Tickets from the Wixlar Lottery Website!