Wixlar Face Recognition Door Locker


The field of smart home technology has grown over the past several years. The goal of many manufacturers is to create products that allow consumers to have an interconnected home. Innovation is a guarantee in the field of smart home door locks.

Facial recognition uses advanced analytics to identify a person at the door.

The technology has been designed to allow home and office owners to unlock their doors through the Wixlar face recognition technology. The lock has a dual camera that boasts the ability to recognize faces within 1 second.


You can register up to 300 faces and manage their ability to control the locking mechanism within the door.

There also other ways to lock the smart door, including a key fob and code, and to unlock with Face, Palm, Password, IC Card and Key.



The lock can’t be fooled by images or models and will tell if there’s a live person trying to unlock the door. The Wixlar Face Recognition Door Locker supports Multi-Languages and collect the info through infra-red technology.

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