Wixlar Group accommodating Businessmen from China


Wixlar Group accommodated six businessmen from China for a week.

We showed them around the different locations where Wixlar Group is operating in Seoul – South Korea, as well as the headquarters and the supporting offices.

We organized a nice seminar welcoming them to our Wixlar Community and showed them in details the Wixlar projects, products, and services, as well as using WIX Coins as an electronic Payment method.


The Businessmen announced officially on stage their excitement in some of the services and products that are even ready, although Wixlar is only in Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Wixlar is highly expanding around the globe and getting more popular day by day.


P.S: Do not forget that you are our wonderful community and through your support by spreading the word and getting your friends to sign up their online wallet with 250 Free Wixlar Coins as a gift, we can accelerate our movement to go more viral.

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  1. Danièle-oscar says:

    Please ils wixlarcoin used in africa: Cameroun?thank you

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